2023 in Review

This year was an eventful year. The biggest event was by far moving from Tokyo to Yakushima, but there were a lot of other events that happened this year.

We made the move at the end of February, and my wife and I started out by working in a spare room in her father’s workshop. We then moved our workspace to the house when it was finished around July. During that time, I’ve worked on a few things at Geolonia, including growing the engineering team by a couple people and creating a few new products with the team.

Additionally, I’ve been able to work on a few projects that I’ve always wanted to do around the house — setting up a simple router with OpenWrt, putting all the networking gear / NAS in a separate room, and wiring Ethernet.

Projects that I want to work on this year include:

  • Write some more English blog posts (both here and on
  • Building a Raspberry Pi weather station outside.
  • Work on the outdoor parts of the house. I think we’ll need a small shed to store basic tools. (I could actually dedicate a section of the shed to the Raspberry Pi…)
  • Improve the drainage around the house. We did a bit of work this year, but it’s still susceptible to some flooding during heavy rains. Hopefully I’ll have a little better solution built before the rainy season next year.
  • I’m planning on dedicating a section of land to growing food — I think we’re going to start by trying to grow some sweet potatoes.
  • And other general tinkering around.

All in all, this year was pretty good. I’m really looking forward to next year.

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