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Moved… Again!

So, I’m making some changes to this blog.

I’ll start with the first, which is most obvious. I’ve decided to change the theme I’ve been using for 2 years to Expound by Konstantin Kovshenin.

Second, which may (or may not) be so obvious. I’m running this site on NGINX (blog post), but I’ve switched out PHP-FPM for Facebook’s HHVM. Based on my preliminary benchmarks, response time is around twice as fast, and throughput has increased ten-fold. I will write a more comprehensive post about using HHVM in the near future.

The third is quite long, so bear with me:

I’ve been thinking recently, and in the first two to three years of blogging, I have started three blogs with more than three posts. This blog, which was previously hosted at, has always been my “main blog”. The idea of this blog from the start has been to make a repository of mistakes I’ve made, hopefully helping someone else who has run in to the same mistake later in time.

This core concept, will remain unchanged. I will continue to help people by writing about mistakes and problems I have made along the way. What I am changing, is the content on this blog.

Recently, I have become infatuated with the space-simulation game Kerbal Space Program. This infatuation has led to a re-kindling of my childhood desire to go to outer space — while I may never have the privilege to see our Earth from outside its atmosphere, I want to do whatever I can, to help the advancement of our civilization to a true space-faring civilization.

There are many hurdles humans face before this goal can be achieved, and we’re going to need as many people working on problems as we can manage. If just one person is motivated by reading about what I have to say on the issues that are preventing us from advancing as a civilization, I will be satisfied — the greatest obstacle we face may very well be ourselves.

Of course, I will still be writing about programming problems and solutions I encounter in my daily life and work — don’t worry!

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Just writing to let you know that I’ve switched servers for this blog! I’ve been meaning to get this on to a faster server that I have control over for awhile, and I finally got around to doing it.

For those of you who are curious, this site is being served by WordPress Multisite, on a Sakura 2G VPS.

And because everyone likes talking about stacks:



That’s it! There is some moderate caching in most layers (WordPress Object Cache, APC, NGINX, etc), but nothing too drastic. It’s much faster now than it was on the previous server – we’ll see how this one holds up.

Thoughts during the Migration Process


I can’t say this enough – really, really, really smooth. Just stop mysql, remove, install MariaDB, then start it up again. All my data was migrated automatically.

NGINX + PHP + WordPress

There were a ton of guides for this kind of setup, but the two that most helped me were the WordPress Codex and rtCamp’s excellent WordPress + Nginx tutorials. Reading through both is highly recommended.