Runroller UI

I recently released a simple API to un-shorten URLs. A few people wanted a super-simple interface to this, so I whipped one up: Enjoy! Some notes about the tools I’ve used: React — I’ve used React in portions of sites before, but this is the first, albeit simple, full-page React app I’ve made. Brunch… Continue reading Runroller UI

Link Unroller Service

As a small side project, I recently launched a “link unroller” service. This is a very simple service. You give it a URI, and it follows any redirect chain for you. Then it spits out the final URI via a friendly JSON API. Give it a spin: Basically, all you do is send a… Continue reading Link Unroller Service Object Sync

I recently released my first app on the Mac App Store, Toki, and I decided that talking about the inner workings of the sync mechanism I’m using would not only be interesting, but helpful for me to think about some of the problems I’m having[footnote]This is inspired by the “Vesper Sync Diary” series of blog… Continue reading Object Sync

The AppleLanguages switch (

In the past few weeks, I’ve found myself demonstrating how to do things on my computer for other people. You know, screenshots, screencasts, the like. I ran into a small problem: Most of the people I need to teach don’t understand English. And my default user interface is in English. So, I ran into this… Continue reading The AppleLanguages switch (

Retina, Please!

A few days ago, I posted a small JavaScript snippet. Retina, Please! is that JavaScript snippet on steroids. It is a combination of JavaScript and PHP to allow your Retina users to only download Retina images, while non-Retina users only download the standard-resolution version. Check it out: WordPress Theme Writers: just require it in… Continue reading Retina, Please!