HHVM and WordPress

Update 2014/4/17: This site now runs WordPress 3.9, which seems to be working fine with HHVM. Also, compatibility has improved, thanks to a patch in the WordPress core specifically for HHVM. I recently posted about how I switched out PHP-FPM (PHP’s FastCGI pool) for HHVM. Today I’ll be talking more about the install process on… Continue reading HHVM and WordPress

Becoming a better PHP developer

There’s no denying that PHP is not the optimal language. But at least code in good PHP. Here’s my pet peeve for the day: Relative paths in include(_once)? or require(_once)? statements. // WRONG require_once(“./include_me.php”); // RIGHT require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . “/include_me.php”); Why? Basically, performance. PHP doesn’t look through all its search paths for absolute paths, saving those… Continue reading Becoming a better PHP developer