wp_enqueue your scripts and styles.

The ease of making a WordPress theme is both a blessing and a curse. It allows people to get started with programming relatively easy — most hosting providers have PHP / MySQL, and the majority have a WordPress quick-install. However, this easiness comes with a dangerous pitfall — it’s easy to do the wrong thing.… Continue reading wp_enqueue your scripts and styles.

Turbolinks and WordPress

Rails Turbolinks is pretty cool, right? I thought it would be pretty cool to use it on WordPress, too. There are probably a lot of bugs, and it probably doesn’t work well with JavaScript-heavy sites. I’ve included the jQuery compatibility layer, but it’s still not perfect. Use at your own risk. To install, just search… Continue reading Turbolinks and WordPress

Facebook: Pop-in.

What do you do when you have a Facebook app tab (inside an iframe, mind you) that’s externally linkable? Pop-in. Let’s break this down. if (self === top) { This conditional will be true when the browser is not inside an iframe. window.location.href = ‘https://www.facebook.com/test/app_1234’; If we are not inside an iframe, then redirect to… Continue reading Facebook: Pop-in.