A Simple Time-Tracking App for Mac OS X

Toki (時), pronounced "toe-key", is the Japanese word for "time". Toki sports a minimal feature set: recording how much of the day you spend on your computer and how long you spend in each application.

Toki uses as a backend to sync. Sync is not required for the normal operation of Toki, and is completely optional. We take user privacy very seriously — no data or analytics are collected about the usage of Toki. If you do choose to use the sync functionality, you are subject to the Privacy Policy. All sync data is stored in a private message channel visible only to yourself.

For more information about how Sync works, please refer to the Toki Privacy Policy.

Think you've found a bug? Need help? Want to request a feature? Please check out the support page for more information.

Toki Updates

Available on the Mac App Store