Elixir anonymous function shorthand

Elixir’s Getting Started guides go over the &Module.function/arity and &(…) anonymous function shorthand, but there are a couple neat tricks that are not immediately apparent about this shorthand. For example, you can do something like &”…”. iex> hello_fun = &”Hello, #{&1}” iex> hello_fun.(“Keita”) “Hello, Keita” Let’s have some more fun. iex> fun = &~r/hello #{&1}/… Continue reading Elixir anonymous function shorthand

tokyo.ex #1

I attended my first Elixir-related meetup yesterday, tokyo.ex #1. (If the slides don’t work here, I have also uploaded them to YouTube.) In my 5-minute lightning talk, I talked about the basics of using Exfile. Exfile is a file upload persistence and processing library for Elixir with integrations for Ecto and Phoenix.

Link Unroller Service

As a small side project, I recently launched a “link unroller” service. This is a very simple service. You give it a URI, and it follows any redirect chain for you. Then it spits out the final URI via a friendly JSON API. Give it a spin: https://unroll.kbys.me/unroll?uri=http://bit.ly/1QZ6acT Basically, all you do is send a… Continue reading Link Unroller Service