I stumbled upon Convox a couple weeks ago, and found it pretty interesting. It’s led by a few people formerly from Heroku, and it certainly feels like it. A simple command-line interface to manage your applications on AWS, with almost no AWS-specific configuration required. An example of how simple it is to deploy a new… Continue reading Convox

Hosting a Single-Page App on S3, with proper URLs

Note (2019/07/05): I’ve posted a follow-up to this post about limitations about the technique used here, especially when hosting an API on the same domain. Amazon S3 is a great place to store static files. You might want to even serve a single-page application (SPA) written in JavaScript there. When you’re writing a single-page app,… Continue reading Hosting a Single-Page App on S3, with proper URLs

Heroku + SSL = Expensive?

Note: This blog post covers the legacy SSL Endpoint. Heroku now recommends the use of Heroku SSL, which can provide you with a free certificate and HTTPS (provided you are using the Hobby tier or higher). If you use Heroku, you probably know a couple things: You can’t use an apex domain for your site… Continue reading Heroku + SSL = Expensive?